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Christmas Decorating Contest Questions Answered!

  1. How to win my annual Christmas Decorating Contest?

    Any suggestions on how to win my Community Christmas Decorating Contest? We try every year and always lose to the people who just throw anything in their yard. Im looking for something that will stand out. My yard consist of one medium sized tree, about 8 yards from the tree to my porch, in front of the porch are 4 medium pine trees. Im not good with the decorating thing, but we do have icicles, the tree lighted up, a wreath above the garage (Pre light), a wreath in the door(pre lit), and more stuff.

  2. Christmas Decorating?

    In my community that have a christmas decorating contest. I want to decorate our house but want simple and elegant. Do anyone know of any sites or have any suggestions?

  3. Any ideas for naming a Christmas house decorating contest?

    The organization I work for is having an house decorating contest for the holiday season. I need suggestions for what we can name the contest to put on the prize winning banner. This would be for exterior decorations.

  4. christmas decorating contest questions?

    Does anybody know where to get a Grinch yard art made out of plywood and it looks like it is stealing lights off the house So just that the grinch has his arms extended put and then I would put a garland in his hands which is wrapped around the house. I know this is a very specific question.

  5. Christmas door decorating contest please help with ideas!?

    Hello I work in a nursing home for handicapped children. Last year I got first place in our door decorating contest. This year I have drawn a blank on what to do. Last year I did a picture of the grinch's head on green construction paper and then wrapped a gift box with wrapping paper. I then made arms and hands out of yarn and made it look like he was holding the package. Please help me come up with some ideas. I would love to include the children's names some how. Thanks for any suggestions.

  6. Christmas stocking decorating contest?

    I am decorating a 3' Christmas stocking for a contest at work - it will be coming from the Engineering department - any good decorating ideas? All are welcome!

  7. i need a really good idea for a christmas door decorating contest something nobody would think of ever?

    i've done charlie brown christmas i need something easy, simple, and different

  8. Christmas contest... decorating doors?

    Hey so my school is having a Christmas Door Decorating Contest.. we decorate doors of classrooms, and then all the doors are judged and they pick a winner.. i was just wondering if anyone had some original and creative ideas! last year we wrapped our door and hung a big bow on it, but this year we need something really great!! Thanks for all your help!

  9. I fell off a chair decorating for our christmas contest at work and I think my arm may be broken?

    We won the contest! But everyone I tell just says some light answer and moves on. My job is really nice I just don't think I am getting the message across. What am I doing wrong?

  10. Christmas Door Decorating Contest at my Daycare.?

    We are having a door decorating contest. The rooms are from Infant to Preschool. I work in the 6th months to 1 year room. Any ideas? Any ideas are greatly appreciated! -Sarah

  11. Class christmas door decorating contest?

    i need some ideas for a christmas themed decorated door for my schools door decorating contest. my home room happens to be an english class so if i could incorporate some englishy things in there that would be cool. We just finished taming of the shrew by Shakespeare and now were getting into hamlet. (this was my homework for English tonite haha)

  12. Ideas for Christmas Door decorating contest!?

    At our high school we are doing a door decorating contest.(10th grade) Last year we did a fireplace on the wall next to the door and did kinda like a christmas tree theme on the door with snowflakes and we WON! THis year I need a bigger idea that will definetly win! Any ideas for a great winning door??