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Office Christmas Decorating Contest Questions Answered!

  1. Decorating contest ideas, please?????

    My office is having a Halloween Festival where each team dresses up and decorates their areas according to a theme we all voted on. My team voted on the theme, "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas". I have costumes for the main dude, the "Grinch" and "max" the dog, but I am in serious need of ideas on how to dress up as "The Who's " and how we might decorate our area and our cubicles as "Whoville" I know there are some creative people on YA, so please give me your best ideas on "Who" costumes and "whoville" props (homemade) and decorations.

  2. My new coworkers really dislike me. Help?

    I have been working in this office for about 3 months, and not matter how friendly I try to be, my coworkers seem to dislike me. Most of the time, I keep to myself because I have a lot of busy work. Other times, I try to be nice by bringing food, etc. Honestly, I am a little shy. =( Yesterday one of my coworkers brough in a bag of potato bread and a container of cheese sauce with pimentos in it. I asked if I could try it and she said "sure, go ahead". Then I looked at the potato bread, which was bright yellow and asked, "What kind of bread is this, this looks different". and she said, "Woman, where the hell are you FROM? It's potato bread, DUH." Then I spread some cheese on the bread slice and said "I've never had this before. Is this good?" and she said while rolling her eyes "No, it tastes like CRAP thats why I buy it ALL THE TIME." She said it in a really rude way and I was kind of thrown off. There is a door decorating contest at work where each office decorates their door for Christmas. My coworkers decorated our door by taking pictures of everyone and posting it up. I was the only person in the office that is not included. They went around taking pictures of everyone and did not even ask me. I handed out Christmas cards earlier this week and no one has even said thank you or acknowledged that they received one. Also, no one has given me a card. I am wondering why I feel this way and what I am doing wrong. I want to make friends in the office, especially since I relocated for this job and I don't know anyone in the area. =(

  3. We are having a christmas door decorating contest at work and I need help brainstorming?

    My company is having a christmas office door decorating contest. The best door wins $$$$$$$. I want to come up with something REALLY creative. Maybe something 3D with a candy dish that portrudes? Something that is really creative. Any ideas to help me brainstorm? Another idea i had is to make the entire door a collage of christmas pictures (real and from magazines), words, colours etc. The collage would have hundreds of things and cover the entire door. What do you think about that?

  4. Anyone with good ideas for a Door Decorating Contest?

    As a way of helping decorate our office for Christmas, we have a "Door Decorating Contest". I'm usually creative but haven't come up with any really good ideas.

  5. Christmas contest at work worth $500...help?

    We are having a contest at work for the best decorated office for Christmas. I have lights (of course) any other kick-ass ideas so me and my partner can win the money? THANKS in advance. AND we have a tree and gifts...I'm looking for some "different" ideas because everyone is going to have trees and lights. Thanks

  6. How would you decorate a small office to reflect A Muppet Christmas Carol?

    We're doing an office contest, each suite has a movie to work from, and we need to pull from details throughout the movie.