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Christmas Decorating Ideas 2011 Questions Answered!

  1. what should I ask for for christmas 2011?

    okay so I am a 13 year old girl I love volleyball karate and anything creative (drawing painting scrap booking cake making/decorating jewelry making etc.) I have to figure out soon what I want (before black friday) I already have an Ipod touch, a video Camera, a laptop, my family has a wii(and I don't want any games for it) I have a tablet(for drawing) and I good program. I also love to decorate my room it is a very tiny room though (Me and my sister share a room (small room) and I taped a sheet up to divide it I probably I have ten feet by five feet room space which isn't easy to get around in sense I'm 6'1" oh I don't have a cell phone because my parents won't let me have one :/ sO PLEASE TELL ME IF YOU HAVE AN IDEA BECAUSE I DON'T I need to know quick my mom keeps asking me and I have no clue and I know what christmas is really about