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Free Christmas Decorating Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Christmas decorating ideas for the office...?

    So, I have candy cane wrapping paper (not w/ candy canes all over it but striped red and white) and cute snowflake cut-outs...any ideas of what to do with it? I have to keep it cost free. Btw - I sit at a receptionist desk. Thanks in advance!

  2. Decorating for Fall and the Holidays?

    Morning, cyber friends, This is not a question, but to let you know where to get some neat free decorating ideas for autumn, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. I don't know about you, but I LOVE this time of year! You have GOT to sign up for Better Homes & Gardens' free 100 Days of Holidays eNewsletter. It starts off with some of the best pumpkin faces to do. Beautiful fall wreaths to make. Click this link: https://secure.bhg.com/common/profile/quicksignupNewUser.jsp?regSource=1099&_requestid=41058 Have fun and have a great week.

  3. Girls or Guys. I need ideas. I am making a jar of 52 notes for my boyfriend for christmas. Help please?

    I need some ideas as to what to write on some of the notes. Its a jar of 52 notes. One for every week for a year. Some sweet things to write. I already have the ideas -free kiss -free hug -free phone call, lets just talk -song lyrics to our songs on some of them. -memories -what I love about him -love quotes what else can I write? We've been dating for a little over 5 months now and we've been in love for a little over a year now. Please help? Christmas is very soon. Also any idea to decorate and make the jar look cute would be helpful. Thanks in advance.and have a Merry Christmas!(:

  4. Decorating a class "christmas tree"?

    Ok so in my speech class, we have to give these 45 minute presentations for our final project. They have to have a christmas theme and my group and I were going to let the class decorate their own ornaments with paint, then (as a joke) we were going to hang them from our speech teacher's ficus and call it the Speech Christmas Tree. Well, now it turned into a competition between this years and last years class Christmas tree seeing how a group last year made a christmas tree also. So, what are some ideas on how to decorate the ficus? The class who wins gets free dress for a week (Catholic high school with uniforms, free dress is a big deal here lol).

  5. Our Complex is running best Christmas door decorating contest!?

    Help I need some creative idea's... prize is a free months rent!!!

  6. Christmas Traditions-Where did we get the traditions of Christmas from?

    Free gifts, tons of parties, good will and merriment abound, festive lights decorating everything... It's a beautiful holiday. But where did all those Christmas traditions come from? Who came up with the idea to string lights on almost everything? Why do we give presents? Why do we chop down Christmas trees?

  7. nightmare before christmas?

    I am the manager of a small gift shop, and we are hosting a themed weekend in October where we introduce new Christmas products. We decided to go with the theme the nightmare before Christmas. Any idea's on how to decorate? any good cookie or punch recipes? We do serve refreshments but we like to keep it simple and as mess free as possible. We are definitely going to put up fake spider webs and spiders, but we are having trouble coming up with more ideas. We do like the movie by Tim Burton and we carry some jack skellington products as well, so ideas related to the movie would be fine too. We just need things that combine Halloween and Christmas.

  8. How do you decorate for holidays? (Christmas specifically)?

    I am a Christmas addict. I love decorating and going all out for the holidays. My family isn't as crazy about decorating as I am, if it weren't for me they wouldn't decorate at all. So, I was wondering how do you and your family decorate? Do you have any decorating tips? I usually just buy things from dollar tree to hang outside along with a million lights (Clark Griswald is my hero). Where I live it's 45-50* and extremely rainy usually, though this summer it's been pretty cold so I'm hoping it will be a colder winter this year. We can't do inflatable decorations because of the rain, and they look weird without snow. I would like to do something different for decorating this year, but I'm not sure what since the rain makes it muddy in the yard. I need a way to really make it feel like Christmas because of the lack of snow, so any ideas would be extremely helpful. Feel free to give me links to buying Christmas decorations or links tips. A best answer will be chosen! Thanks and have a Merry Christmas :) and yes I know Christmas is 127 days away and it's summer, but I'd like to know in advance ;)