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Christmas Decorating Ideas For The Office Questions Answered!

  1. Nightmare Before Christmas office decorating ideas? CHEAP ideas?

    Hello, I work in a hospital, there is a christmas decorating contest ecery year between clinics/ departments. We can't do it where we see patients so we're decorating our lunchroom and our theme we want to go for is Nightmare Before Christmas (because we figure it's unique- maybe we can win!). We don't want to spend a lot of money, ideas? Any welcome! We're planning so far to somehow make a scarecrow-style jack with a santa hat, christmas tree (thinking maybe make those salt cookie decorations in shapes?), lots of white christmas lights and snowflake cut outs all over hanging from the ceiling, maybe trying to fashion his dog since it'd be easy. Any other cheap ideas? Thanks!

  2. office christmas decorating?

    I need some ideas on decorating office cubicles for my department. We only have garland to use and few ball ornaments. Any ideas to help my department win the contest for the most festive dept?

  3. Can someone help me with some original ideas on how to decorate my office door for Christmas?

    We are having a contest at work. We all have a door to decorate for Christmas. The winner gets a paid day off. I've got a few ideas, but I'm also helping two co-workers w/their doors. If it helps, I work at a non-profit organization where Christmas is big. Plus, I work in the department that deals with a lot of kids. Thanks!

  4. Christmas Parade Decorating Ideas For My Truck?

    We are planning on possibly entering the local Christmas Parade for fun/advertisement from our office. I have done horses, sheep, and cattle for parades but never a vehicle so I need some ideas. My truck is already red plus our company colors are red and white so we need to lean a little more towards green for christmas. We thought about putting a wreath on the front and making a sign for our company but that doesn't seen like enough. Anyone else have any other ideas???

  5. I need ideas for a Christmas door decorating contest.?

    The theme is Christmas in the pines. We work at a hospital, and I would love something 3D. We do not have to be able to use this particular door for entering our office while it is decorated, so we can be as elaborate as possible. Any ideas?

  6. Any ideas for a podiatry office foot themed Christmas tree. It is in an outdoor competition.?

    My husbands podiatry office is in a contest for our local outdoor Christmas walk . Any ideas using the podiatry, foot theme in decorating the tree? It must be inexpensive, and durable to the elements. Thanks.

  7. Anyone have any ideas for a Christmas Carol office decorations theme?

    Each team in the office has to choose a popular Christmas Carol and decorate their area (and colleagues) accordingly. Already taken are Hark the Herald Angels Sing, Away in a Manger, Deck the Halls... We need suggestions for the decorations we could use :)

  8. Decorating an office for Christmas?

    I've been left in charge of the Christmas decorating in my office. I have been given a budget of £100 (approx $210). I bought the tree in sale for £15/$35 (bargain!), and have dressed it already. It looks great, but now I have to get the rest of the office festive. I have £85/$170 left, and have 60 desks to decorate above. I'm thinking fairy lights (around £15/$35 for 3m), tinsel (around £5/$10 for 2m) and paper chains (that are time-consuming to make). Does anyone have some different ideas to make the office look great? I'm becoming a bit of a humbug as this is the 5th tree I've dressed in 2wks (grrr!), so all ideas are welcome.

  9. I work for a Japanese based company, and need help decorating for Christmas in the office?

    The company I work for is a Japanese based company, I want to decorate for Christmas while still being courteous to Japanese traditions but I have no idea how Christmas varies from America to Japan. Are there certain things I shuld avoid like a tree in the foyer. I am lost, can anyone help? I spelled should wrong, sorry...

  10. Do you have any Decorating ideas that work for both Thanksgiving and Christmas?

    My parents want me to decorate the outside of their business office that will transition from now through christmas, but of course since it's a business it would be "holidays" not specific to "christmas". There are two pillars at the front door of the office that they would like decorated. A couple minor things to change after thanksgiving would be fine, but the basic design needs to be the same. Pics would be helpful!

  11. ideas to decorate a door in my office for Christmas?

    I work in a medical office, and we each were assigned a door to decorate. My door is on the ENT side. Has to open freely with no obsticals. ideas please please PLEASE!!!!!

  12. What are some tacky decoration ideas for Christmas?

    We're having an office contest for decorating the aisles. My aisle is going with a Griswold Christmas type theme (Christmas Vacation). We're going with gaudy decorations and over the top amounts of lights. Any other suggestions?

  13. Looking for ideas for window decorations for Christmas contest in our little town.?

    We are participating in a community event that involves businesses decorating their windows for the Christmas season. We are an office - have 4 large window panels measuring about 30" across and about 72" long. They are divided by 4 metal columns, so it isn't one continuous piece of glass. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!