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Christmas Decorations Questions Answered!

  1. christmas decorations?

    Does anyone have them up yet?? There is about 8 houses near me with them up and im dying to put them up... but i think its a little early. I have hung my advent calenders up though.. Thanks

  2. Christmas decorations?

    I was just wondering if anyone knows of any stores in Arizona that sell alot of christmas decorations, lights, stuff like that. We have the Halloween spirit store but i've never seen or heard of a christmas store.

  3. How do you protect outdoor christmas decorations from the sun?

    I have christmas decorations that faded from sun. Is there anything that I can put on for the decorations not to fade.

  4. What date does Tesco put christmas decorations up instore?

    I was wondering what date does Tesco (and other big stores) put Christmas decorations up? Or a rough date. They say on their website that the Christmas catalogue, website layout and christmas range will be up in October but I don't know if that means they put decorations up in October. I know Tescos do it really early, like every big store but what date roughly?

  5. What are some Christmas Ornaments and decorations i can make using recycled baby items?

    I have a 3 year old step-son and a 6 week old son and i am looking to make Christmas decorations and ornaments with them. We are tight on money and due to it being my sons first Christmas i want to use baby items to make decorations such as (diapers, pacifiers, baby bottles, ect) any baby items. Please i need suggestions. thank you

  6. How would this work out in regards to Christmas decorations?

    Every Christmas I hear whining about the secularization of federal and private Christmas decorations. So I have a deal for you; you guys can have everything back, all the manger scenes with the plastic baby Jesus, the Menorahs (both Jewish and Kwanza) and giant holy stars all over the schools, federal building and shopping malls, but in exchange you must reinstate Halloween. You must let us bring the Witches, ghosts, demons, haunted houses and scary stories back into schools. We will call it a Christmas party of you let us have a Halloween party. Deal?

  7. How early do you see Christmas decorations in stores?

    I noticed the other day that I was already seeing Halloween decorations at Target, even though we are almost two whole months away from Oct 31st. What's the earliest you remember seeing Christmas decorations out?

  8. How do I make a styrofoam glitter Christmas decorations?

    I remember making decorations as a kid that we would take paper Christmas napkins and glue them to styrofoam balls, then decorate with glitter. I am not sure if I am missing any steps and I am not have any success with searching for this craft. Anybody made these before / have full directions? Thank you!

  9. Around what date do you take down your Christmas tree and other Christmas decorations?

    Ours are usually up until January 2nd or 3rd - sometimes later - but always down on or before January 5th which is the 12th day of Christmas. We put up a real tree in mid December and see that it is well watered. We put up some other decorations which are mostly of a religious nature, and not too many of them. When do you take down your tree and other decorations?

  10. When should people start with their Christmas decorations?

    Today's November 13th. Isn't it TOO EARLY? Are you being "forced" to be in a "Christmas mood" more than 10 % of the year? Isn't this new practice killing what was special in Christmas decorations? Or is it just enhancing our mood towards those days?

  11. Is it wrong to still have Christmas decorations displayed in my apartment?

    I know it's almost 4 months after Christmas 2010 ended, but I can't seem to put away some of my Christmas decorations?

  12. How to prevent theft for outdoor Christmas decorations?

    I want to put up outdoor Christmas lights and maybe some other outdoor decorations on my house this Christmas, but am worried that people will steal them.