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How To Make Homemade Christmas Decorations Questions Answered!

  1. I need to know how to make thick homemade snow to put on the branches of my christmas tree?

    Help PLEASE !!! Do you have any idea> How to made in home that kind of snow or thick snow, goes on the christmas decorations wreath ? Or on the branches for Christmas trees? I will appreciated any suggestion, ideas, or place to buy a product which can look like thicker snow for decorations. I'm not looking for snow Spray for windows., long time ago, I saw on a tv show, a product similar like snow which looks exactly like the snow goes on the wreath on the stores? This is EXACTLY what I am looking for..something can not fall down and be forever. THANKS in advance =) Also some Christmas trees have the appareance with the snow... called "flaking christmas trees That's exactly what i wnat to do. Please different techinques to make this type of paste Thank you ! HEATHER- Thanks for you information, I will check later you page.

  2. UNIQUE homemade Christmas gift ideas?

    I want to make some homemade Christmas gifts this year, to save money and do something original. However, I am looking for ideas that are unique and original, not making candles or quilts or cookies. Something that people aged 25+ would find useful(or a cute decoration for the home) and something to get people talking about how original the gift is. I have been searching the internet but keep finding the same stuff (candles, quilts, etc.) As an example, the one idea I came up with that I sort of like so far is for the college age group to get some pretzels and white chocolate and color the chocolate in the colors of the college they are going to and give chocolate covered pretzel sticks in the school colors. Thanks! =) No cards, no blanets. Another good example: My mother in law took empty wine bottles and put christmas lights in them and decorated the neck with grapes and leaves. I'm looking for ideas similar to this!

  3. Homemade decorations recipes anyone?

    It is my boyfriend's and my first Christmas living together out-of-state this year and I wanted us to do something that could be a keep sake for us. I want to make some type of decoration together, perhaps ornaments. Does anyone know any good recipes that are sturdy and will last? Also any tips on how to make the shapes and color them?

  4. How to make the best Christmas with low funds?

    So christmas is coming up and this year the money crisis hit me. My dad's money is pretty much going into the business so I feel that it won't be right to ask him. I was wondering if there is any way to create a Christmas that would be amazing without using up a lot of money. I mean I CAN ask dad to give me like 50 euros or something, but I was hoping more for a homemade Christmas that would be amazing. So any ideas for - Presents - Gift Cards - Recipes - Decorations In my family there's my sister (10) My brother (17) My mom (42) My dad (42) My grandma (83) and a lot of other relatives that are all over the world ... so any help would be really nice :)

  5. Christmas for rats :D ?

    I want my boys to have a good christmas, like making a christmas pudding for them, decorating there cage, making gifts and wrapping them.. but how do i make a homemade xmas pudding/cake suitable for rats? or what prezzie should i make them? what decorations should i make and how? if i put tinsel round the rats cage they would drag it in through the bars as bedding :L

  6. Hey! So I love Christmas but I'm really worried?! WTH? Help!?

    I <3 Christmas so much I wanna cry! LOL! I'm super excited and I wanna put my tree up now! I tried to make some decorations for around our living room but they looked c**p! I want Christmas to be amazing and I dunno if it will be which makes me feel sick with worry, what is wrong with me?! Also, I have no idea what I want for Christmas! I don't want money or gift cards *yawns* Our tree is old and I want to 'spice' it up a bit because our decorations are really boring! I hate making decorations because they always look homemade! And not in a good way... I love the kind of vintage Christmas vibe and I don't know how to achieve that?! Also is it going to snow this year? (In the UK) Thanks and sorry it was so long but I hope you can help! P.S how can I get to sleep on Christmas Eve? I feel to sick with excitement to sleep!

  7. Any information on Christmas? or a new year's party?

    Hey, I'm 13 and a girl, and I really like Christmas, so I have some Christmas questions. If you have any answers to any of the questions, could you comment? and no inappropriate stuff please. Thankss(: <3 Happy Holidays. - How could I make my room Christmas-y with like decorations that can be homemade? -What presents should I get my parents, possibly homemade, not cheasy? -How could I spend winter break? 2 weeks. -I want to have a New Year's party, and Im inviting like 15 people, any suggestion for anything at all? -anything Christmas-y really? thank you. soooo much!(: <3

  8. Christmas Open house ideas?

    My husband and i would like to host a christmas open house a couple weeks before christmas (before everyone gets TOO busy) For party favors, i plan to send each guest home with a jar of homemade cranberry sauce. If it's cold enough we're going to make a skate rink in the back yard and tell everyone they can bring skates if they like. I need ideas for classy fingerfoods to serve, and decoration ideas. As well as ideas on what time of day will work best (it's on a saturday) Also, my house is only about 1000 sq ft. How many guests do you think we can accomodate at once? And any other ideas you have would be helpful too. oh...and we don't have tons of money, so budget friendly ideas are most welcome.

  9. how much would you charge for cupcakes?

    I made cupcakes for halloween at my job and a woman I work with absolutely loved them and asked me to make her two dozen thanksgiving themed cupcakes and two dozen more for christmas (not now of course), she told me she would pay me for them, granted they are the mini cupcakes but very extensive as of decoration along with candies etc.. The work ones that she tried were sshh boxed batter but she loved them and doesn't know lol but normally I make homemade batter it's just a lot more work and cost so now my question is should I stick with the boxed mix that she loved or go all out and make home made which I like and how much do I charge her? I have no idea what price to set even for mini cupcakes?