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Cheap Inflatable Christmas Decorations Questions Answered!

  1. I'm looking for good Halloween decorations.?

    I like to decorate my house with decorations that are similar to "The Haunted Mansion" at Disneyland. Or also like The Nightmare Before Christmas. More like spooky stuff rather than the gory crap that's out there today. I tend to like the fancier stuff like light-up pumpkins and ghost. I don't like anything cheap like inflatable decorations or anything like that. However, I could never find anything that I like. Not even online. Does anybody know where I could find stuff like this?

  2. Do you like this short part of my story? Is it any good?

    (The narrator is a 10 year old homeless girl, if that helps.) We walked fast, so fast we forgot to talk about Christmas presents. But as soon as we were inside South End Drugs, Jasmine saw this huge inflatable snowman, and she perked up. “Hey!” she said, walking toward it. “Hey, Pep-E, maybe we should get some decorations. You know, make the shed look more Christmas-y? I mean, everyone’s been so grouchy and whiny and now there’s this whole thing with Conner being sick and everything, so we could really use a little Christmas cheer.” “Vincent’s going to get mad if we use the PCF money for something like that,” I said, although I did think decorating was a good idea. “We won’t spend that much,” she said, tossing me a box of ornaments. “It’s not like we’re going to buy crystal baubles or anything. See, these are all just fake.” I flipped the box over. “Okay,” I said. Jasmine just grinned. “So see if you can find some of those little twinkly lights,” she said. That’s how we ended up spending 27 dollars just to decorate the shed. We had a bunch of little twinkly lights to string up on the rafters, a snow globe full of blue flaky stuff, a little mini fake Christmas tree and some ornaments for it, six cheap felt stockings and glitter gel pens to write our names on them, and some sparkly stars to hang from the ceiling. We also bought Christmas presents for everyone. We got a Snickers bar for Mitchell, caramel candy for Vincent, bubble gum for Conner, gummy worms for Baby Girl, and Jasmine and me decided that for our present we were going to share a big bag of sour strawberry chews. Jasmine said we didn’t need wrapping paper, we could just make our own, but we couldn’t make our own ribbon, so we bought one with red and green peppermint stripes.