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Inflatable Christmas Decorations Outdoor Questions Answered!

  1. Outdoor Christmas decorations: Which do you prefer?

    For the outside decorations only! LIGHTS: white, multi-, single color (if so, which) WREATH: no, yes; if so how big and lit (lights as part of it or spotlight on it?) INFLATABLES: no, yes; if so which is your favorite? OTHER: nativity? yes or no? reindeer? Santa? snowmen? Do tell.....

  2. Ideas for "Christmas In July" wedding theme.....any ideas?

    My fiance and I are getting married in July of next year. We love Christmas, but its so cold in December we decided to do it in July before school starts back up again. We had come up with the idea of using our outdoor inflatables to add decor as well as christmas trees and other various decorations around, but the main thing that we are having problems with is the centerpeices. We have 12 large hurricane vases, but not sure exactly what to do with them. If anyone has ideas on centerpieces or any other unique decorating ideas let me know. Thanks