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Cheap Christmas Decorations Holiday Questions Answered!

  1. Shopping for the presents and leftovers after Christmas?

    After Christmas I love buying the presents, decorations, and all the leftovers that are marked 75% off. I buy all those things to save more money and time for the next Christmas. I don't like shopping around the holidays, especially before Christmas since it's hectic and crowded in the stores. And I also hate spending money on sale or regular prices that aren't even cheap before Christmas! So do any of you guys shop for the presents and leftovers after Christmas?

  2. What are good cheap winter gifts to make for a large amount of people?

    My organization hosts an annual Christmas party, and as a holiday gift, we give them a small token of appreciation. We have volunteers come in to make 100-200 of these small gifts, but we have little budget. Last year we made cocoa cones with hot cocoa powder, marshmallows, and crushed candy canes. The year before that we made a small ornament or decoration snowflake out of wires and beads. Do you have any ideas for small cheap homemade gifts for this year?

  3. Help!! we need cheap ideas for a winter wedding!!!!?

    My brother is getting married next year during the christmas holidays they really need tips for cheap ideas for food, decoration and anything weddingey!!!!!!

  4. My dream wedding is a Christmas themed event. Is that too weird?

    These are the details. When I tell people exactly what I have envisioned they look at me all funny and usually laugh and tell me I am crazy. Dress: A Victorian long sleeved, high collar, dark red velvet dress. Isn't white for dead people? Decorations: Real Christmas Trees and Poinsettias. Real trees smell so good, plus I can get all the other decorations (twinkle lights, bows, whatever)I need right after Christmas the year prior on clearance for cheap money. Reception: I wanted to have a dessert reception instead of a traditional sit down banquet. It's way cheaper plus Christmas is really the time for desserts. I was thinking of a lot of traditional fare, plus more contemporary stuff. Oranges, gingerbread, peppermint sticks, sugar plums, hot cocoa and yes, fruitcake as well as some holiday inspired ice cream, cream puffs, cheesecake, and eclairs. Cake: I am not a big fan of sugary, butter cream frosting. I was thinking more of a large rum or bundt cake with like a cranberry orange glaze. Also, much cheaper than a traditional cake Music: I was thinking a polka band to play christmas tunes

  5. Holiday Idea's. What do you think ? 10 pts?

    Help with holiday job idea's? what would u like ? ok so I need some extra cash for the holiday season. here our my ideas please be brutally honest. Thank you ahead of time . * I would advertise on craigslist as well as post and pass out flyer's : 1) Holiday Picture Taker: I would go to the people's home and take picture w/ Digital camera I have christmas decorations ready, hats, fake snow, cut outs of ginger-breads and snow man. I took some photo in college. I would have the pictures available the next day and for a small fee I can type up there Christmas letters for them on holiday paper. 2) Come to your home or office for massage. Have oil and music . 3) Holiday baby sitter while you shop. I meet you at the mall or home watch the kids at the house or go to the mall and watch the kids there while the mom shops. 4) Holiday baskets I can bake really good and put basket together for cheap . Let me know what sounds the best and what would you charge for these service's. THANKS

  6. What are some online stores similar to orientaltrading.com?

    Looking for stores online that are similar to Oriental Trading where I can buy wholesale holiday (Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Years) decorations, party supplies and ornaments fairly cheap.

  7. How long do you celebrate Halloween?

    I start celebrating it near the end of September. I'm addicted to creativity during Halloween but I'm cheap so I do it by telling spooky stories and designing creepy pictures on the computer. I celebrate Halloween a little longer than Christmas but I'm more elaborate in Christmas decorations. As for my birthday, I celebrate it for a week. Every other holiday, I only celebrate for one day.

  8. Halloween decorations?

    So I just moved out, and I'm the type of person who is really into holidays Christmas,Easter,Halloween,etc. Since I just moved out of my parents house and am currently in university I obviously am on a tight budget. Where can I buy cute Halloween decorations for really CHEAP . I also live in Canada so that rules out American stores.

  9. does anyone think the holidays are changing?

    well where i live everything is not the name anymore for example fall comes then halloween is coming up and the scary movies come out in theater like saw. and there kids go buy thier costumes and etc. but lately for the past 3 years halloween and the other holidays are not the same anymore the spirit is gone and we need to bring it back because soon enough nobody will want to have holidays anymore and it will just be a boring 360 days and nobody wants that i think for each holiday they should put more movies and more commercials about that holiday and have cheaper decorations food candy costume firecrackers and etc. that way everybody will be more into it for christmas and thanksgiving cheaper food and decorations halloween cheaper costumes decorations and candy and for the rest of the holidays etc. this would really help alot!!!

  10. how to throw a christmas party for 10 in a smaller than small apt?

    so ive been designated as the Christmas party hostess his year and well my budget is tight and my apartment is small. which makes for the ideal Christmas party hosting situation...pffft :-/ anywho, anyone have any ideas as to how to accomplish this? ive got my teenie tiny kitchen/dining area to hold the snacks, my itty bitty living room for seating and such and im using my bi-fold closet in my bedroom as a back drop(with a sheet and snowflakes) for holiday photos. im thinking if people occupy multiple rooms => less likely to feel cluttered?? idk. i need ideas for cheap/inexpensive decorations and food as well as how to make this whole thing work lol. btw, renting a space or using a whole other location is pretty much out of the question but i have faith that with every ones help, this christmas bash will be simply grand! thanks! :)

  11. What do you think of the beginning of my story? (It's only four paragraphs!)?

    I don't have a title yet. It was snowing. Not the blizzard-wind-driving snow, but gentle big flakes with a slight but chilly breeze. There weren’t a lot of people on foot. The ones that did pass by my bench were all adult women. I take that back. There was one man. I could only see his back. He had on blue jeans, a dark green coat, and a bright red hat. In front of me across the street there was a large pine tree. There was a cheap star on the top and red, green, blue, and gold lights all around it. A half circle stone wall surrounded the tree. There were two vacant park benches on one side and one on the other. The three trees inside the half circle were bare and very winter-like. Christmas was a week away and it was the first snow since right before Halloween. Wreaths with red cloth bows hung on half of the lamp posts, cheap monochromatic (this was a vocabulary word from my English class. It meant using or having only one color) lights hung on bare trees, battery operated candles were in store shops, signs advertising community service hung everywhere, and store windows had Christmas decorations scattered about. It was a week from my favorite holiday and I was all alone. Ryan was gone, Emily and Tori were gone, even Teresa was gone. What had I done? If you can, constructive criticism please?

  12. How can I and where can I find decent christmas lights during the winter season? ?

    My family and I are moving in to a new house before the holidays and I want to know where I can get decent christmas lights. Last time I waited until the last minute and I bought gifts before I bought outside decorations. So I had to settle for some cheap lights. Another thing that made the situation worse was the weather. It started to get really really cold and snowy and it was harder for me to put the lights outside. This time I plan on doing this earlier (maybe a day or two after thanksgiving) with some better lights. Plus, can you give me some clues or methods when I start decorating.