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Cheap Christmas Decorations Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Any ideas for cheap Christmas decorations? (Summer in Australia)?

    Hi guys, do you have any ideas for cheap Christmas decorations? (Summer in Australia). Also, we don't have a Christmas tree at this stage.

  2. Cheap christmas decoration ideas?

    i wanna decorate for christmas around the house what are some creative ideas i could do??

  3. What are some easy and cheap decorations and flowers and cake ideas for a christmas themed wedding?

    I am getting married December 27th, 2008. I need some ideas as far as decorations, flowers, and cake layouts with a Christmas theme to them. I have thought abouut having my children cut out snowflakes from paper, and hang those from the ceiling. I am on a very tight budget and need some good, but inexpensive, ideas for flowers, decorations, and the cake. PLEASE HELP. ALL SUGGESTIONS ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED. My colors are the traditional green, deep red, white, and we are throwing a little bit of purple.

  4. DIY Christmas decoration ideas??!!?

    I need some easy and cheap ideas for Christmas decorations that a 13 yr old can make :) thanks!!

  5. CHRISTMAS DECORATION IDEAS PLZ.. my mom says it doesn't feel like Xmas i wanna fix that FOR HER?

    i heard my mom say that it doesnt feel like christmas and it hurt me to hear that because my mom loves christmas.so i would like sume cute and CHEAP ideas to decorate my house more . our christmas color for our tree is purple but i dont want to use to much purple ..all ideas would be wonderful ..please i want this to be my moms best christmas ever

  6. I need ideas for a Biology Christmas Decorations?Help!?

    Ok.so there is a a extra credit assignment in my biology class, and i really need the extra credit...there's only guideline, it must be something we have covered in my class. This is what we have done. -Cells -Photosynthesis -And Alto of other general things. If you have any ides at all, i would love to hear it (even if it doesn't have to do with the stuff above).IP lease help me find a good and somewhat cheap idea...Thats So Much!

  7. I need help in decoration ideas for the office I work in the theme this year is "Christmas around the world" ?

    Every year our office has a contest w/ our other office about who has the best Christmas decoration. This years theme is " Christmas around the world" we have a few ideas but not enough to win, we are in a budget so the cheaper the better ( not cheap lookin tho) :)