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Easy Cheap Christmas Decorations Questions Answered!

  1. How can I make my own christmas ornaments?

    I have a christmas tree but no ornaments. Any easy/cheap ideas about how to decorate a tree without spending a fortune?

  2. How can I decorate a chocolate cake for Christmas?

    I'm making a chocolate sponge cake with chocolate icing in the middle of the 2 cakes, how can I decorate it Christmasy. I'm having my family over and most of us don't like marzipan, so what can I use instead which wont damage the cake and what are ideas which some people have to make it look nice? It needs to be easy and cheap to decorate. Thanks :)

  3. How much christmas decorations/lights for a 6ft tree?

    Sounds like a stupid question but I've never had my own tree before so I want to know approximately how much do you personally use or think I should use? I'm going out tomorrow to buy some decorations YAY!! Say I buy boxes of 20 ish how many should I buy? 3? And what about lights? In don't want to buy them and then find I have too much or too little

  4. I am a teen, so i am wondering if there are any good ideas for homemade christmas presents?

    okay ive already made my mom, step mom, and step sis, now all i need is stuff for my dad and step brother....i am short on money this christmas and its almost christmas and i need some quick and easy christmas gift ideas. i want it to be more personal than it would be just buying something!

  5. Cheap ideas for Christmas gifts for new grandparents?

    My husband and I just had our first baby making our parents first time grandparents. We're not looking to spend a bunch of money just looking for some good priced gift ideas for them. Any ideas are appreciated.

  6. easy to make christmas decorations, I need the easy way?

    I have been thinking of the easiest way to make my christmas decoration, any idea will be appreciated

  7. Is it a bad idea to travel to Europe over christmas? Since the Euro is better than the dollar?

    Or, should we wait until the dollar gets better?

  8. Where to buy Christmas decorations online?

    I am quite a big fan of Christmas and until now have been buying all my decorations from the Christmas Heirloom company here in New Zealand. Does anyone else know where else I could buy online? I'm after pretty and unique decorations, price isn't really an issue. Thanks :)