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Buy Cheap Christmas Decorations Questions Answered!

  1. Where's the best place to buy Christmas decorations?

    We're having our annual family christmas party at our house this year for the first time ever, so we want to decorate it really nice. We've got plenty of christmas tree decorations and tons of lights, but almost nothing else. Where is the best, cheapest place to buy decorations? Like, would they sell christmas stuff at dollar stores? If I knew we were having the party at my house this year I would have bought a bunch of stuff after last year's christmas when everything was on clearance =|

  2. What store can i go to to buy our christmas tree, all the decorations and eveeything else for cheap?

    And by cheap I mean I don't wanna spend a fortune for everything. thks :)

  3. Cheapest place to buy Nut Cracker Christmas Decoration?

    Where can I find a great deal online for Nut Cracker Christmas Decoration

  4. Where can I buy juniper berries and other floral pieces?

    First of all, I'm obsessed with Christmas and so I think about it all year long, clearly it is shown because I'm asking a question about this in late September! I laugh at myself a lot because of this. But anyways this year I want to start decorating super early and be prepared like at the beginning of November so I know what to do because I have school at the same time so I'll be busy and delay decorating a lot. I find that I never get all the decorating I want done every year so I wanted to be super prepared.I wanted to know if you guys knew any places to buy cheap or at the most reasonable priced juniper berries, pepper berries, stems of evergreen, stems of holly leaves, sprigs of golden cedar, etc. for making my own Christmas decorations such as wreaths, etc. Thanks for answering the ridiculous request, thank you so much. I really appreciate it! Sorry I forgot to mention that I was looking only for stores I go go to and purchase them, no online sources please! Again thank you! :) Oh I live in Toronto, Canada so Canadian or Toronto stores please! :)

  5. I am decorating the house today for Christmas but the lights do not seem to work do you think they are wet ?

    or something? i should buy new ones? where are the most cheap decoration lights? thanks !

  6. What are some affordable Christmas decorating ideas for my first apartment?

    Hello all. I am 18 and I have just leased my first apartment. I am really excited. In fact, I move tommorrow. I was never interested in decorating where I lived until now. Im not really a christmas type person but i have a strong urge to buy a tree,wreath,etc.., I am scared I will overdo the christmas decorations budget. I also have to buy things to put in my apartment like stuff for the kitchen,paintings,etc.., you know stuff just to make it feel cozy. I am contemplating whether I should get a real or fake tree. If I get a real one, its totally naked so i have to buy stuff to put on it. but if I get a fake one, it already comes with decorations(but i find that the fake ones are more than the real ones).... if anyone can suggest some cheap places i could go that would be helpful. thanks! (lol, its so ironic.. i thought i would be thinking about christmas after thanksgiving, but it seems that no one is really thinking about thanksgiving over here.)

  7. Crafty ideas for Christmas?

    My Grandma is kinda broke this year and we are trying to put together some crafty ideas for her to get everyone...nothing that has to do w/ painting,decorating,or really "crafty" things.. I just need some ideas that she can throw together.. like scrapbooks of our family tree, or decorations that she can buy a few cheap things and just throw them together