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Exterior Christmas Decorations Questions Answered!

  1. Christmas decorations before Halloween?

    What do you think of more displays of Christmas exterior decorations being displayed on or around Halloween earlier each year...? Am seeing more of this happening - do you think these homes are just getting a jump on their displays? I personally believe they look crazy - do you?

  2. Battery Operated Outdoor Christmas Decorations - where can I find?

    I have no outlets on the exterior of my house. I would like to put out some kind of light up Christmas decoration. Where can I find battery operated outdoor decorations? I have an outlet in my enclosed porch. I do not want to have my glass door open (the wind could catch it and it would let air in) in order to plug in outside Christmas lights. AND my garage does not have any electricity. I'm not that dumb... Thanks all, my search is on! :-D

  3. Car christmas decorations?

    Where can i get christmas decorations for the car exterior

  4. How are Outdoor Christmas Lights & Decorations Set Up?

    Though I put a Christmas tree & holiday lights up indoors every year, from next year on, I would also like to put lights and decorations up outdoors - on the exterior of the house as well as in the yard. That being said, since I've never done it before, I was just wondering how lights and decorations are put up outdoors. How are they connected to a power source (if any) without having long extension cords everywhere. I mean, for example, we have a backwards "h" shaped driveway. So if I wanted to put some lighted decorations in my front yard, without having an extension cord (or cords) cutting across the driveway. to the power outlet near the front door of the house. How do people who put up outdoor Christmas lights and decorations connect it to the power source without having extension cords hanging all over their yards?

  5. Worth buying a house with an asbestos exterior?

    My husband and I were planning to make an offer on a house, built in 1905, tomorrow. It's our dream house, and thus it disappointed me when I looked at the assessment for the house online and found out it has an asbestos exterior. First off, if the asking price for the home (which is a foreclosure) is $239,000, can we negotiate it down, because of the asbestos? If we did still want the house, does this mean that we could basically never do anything to the exterior of the house -- i.e. Christmas lights, any decorations? The house also has shutters that the previous owners installed. How could they have been installed, assuming that nails had to be used, on the exterior of the house? My main question is, is it worth buying a house with an asbestos exterior, or is it too much trouble?

  6. Garage => What can I make it? (for one night)?

    I am having a Christmas party at my house, and I am figuring out what to do with every detailed inch of my house. I have already taken care of the exterior with a lot of decorations. Now I just want to make the inside decorated with Christmas things too. But I need ideas. I have stairs, most of my walls are white (carpet too!), the theme of my party is Winter Wonderland, and I especially need to figure out what I am going to do with my garage for this one night. My ideas so far consist of: 1. Dance Floor 2. Chill area 3. Eating area (put a lot of pretty tables and make it a place for people to eat.) 4. Any other CREATIVE ideas? :/ Thanks for your help! =]

  7. Year of the Rat - how many Christians are planning on protesting??

    Just curious... I work in a State Building, and we have Chinese decorations being put up all over the building interior and exterior...at the State's expense, of course... Im wondering if that upsets Christians - the same that complain how we are trying to take Jesus out of Christmas and out of schools... And, are you planning on protesting the fact that a heathen religious festival is being celebrated by the State?? OK, my bad - not religious, however it is based upon CHINESE ASTROLOGY - and we all know how freakin EVIL astrology is, right??? Im not asking you to protest, Im not suggesting protests - I just know how freakin stupic people are, and Im wondering if any other them are planning on protesting. HEck - if they would protest Scientology, why not Chinese New Years as well??

  8. Need help editing essay!?

    I'm in 10th grade honors english and I had to write an essay about a modern day trickster, please read and make any corrections! ---------------------------------------------- No matter how virtuous or innocent-looking they may appear to be on the outside, every child has that clever and deceiving aspect to them lying somewhere underneath. Coincidentally, these characteristics also apply to those of a traditional trickster found in both early and modern literature and film. However, contrary to its negative connotation, a trickster is not always the bad guy. Sometimes deception can be used for the power of good. Although unexpected and usually overlooked, Cindy Lou Who from Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas!, directed by Ron Howard, exceptionally fulfills the customary role of a trickster as a pragmatist, a clever deceiver, and a cultural hero. First of all, Cindy Lou Who demonstrates the ambiguous, willing-to-try-everything personality of a classic trickster. After her personal encounter with the Grinch, a cold-hearted creature very much feared by the Whos of Whoville, in which he pulled her to safety from a dangerous packaging machine, Cindy Lou came to a realization: “If the Grinch was so bad, then why did he save me? Maybe he wasn’t so bad” (Momsen. 3: 13). Although she is only a mere eight years old, Cindy Lou goes on a mission to find the virtue in the Grinch. Her bravery and determination push her to do what the other Whos consider the unthinkable- going near and even speaking to the terrifying Grinch. Subsequently, whilst deciding on whom to appoint to the role of Holiday Whoville Cheermeister, Cindy Lou steps forward and nominates the Grinch. Cindy argues that, “the Book [of Who] does say, ‘The Cheermeister is the one who deserves a back slap or a toast. And it goes to the soul at Christmas who needs it the most.’ And I believe that soul is the Grinch, and if you’re the Whos I hope you are, you will too” (Momsen 7: 35-36). She is willing and eager to have the rest of the Whos reevaluate the Grinch, and to have the Grinch reevaluate himself. Cindy Lou Who is able to look beyond the Grinch’s intimidating exterior and believes that somewhere deep down, no matter how deep down it may be, that there lies warmth in the Grinch’s heart. Consequently, Cindy Lou Who is willing to use clever deceiving to resurface that warmth. She devised a plan to get the Grinch to attend the Cheermeister celebration. Cindy Lou “had a mission. She knew what to do. She’d invite the Grinch herself, that brave Cindy Lou” (Momsen 8: 41). Cindy Lou Who crosses the boundaries and solely hikes her way up to the Grinch’s cave atop Mount Crumpit, which overlooks Whoville. She used her benevolent heart as a weapon to finally convince the Grinch to go to the Cheermeister commendation ceremony, by telling him about the award and Martha May, the Grinch’s childhood crush, awaiting him at the celebration. Further in, the Grinch disguises himself as Santa Clause and goes house to house, stealing all the Whos’ presents, food and holiday decorations. When he arrives and Cindy Lou’s home, she tells “Santa”, “Don’t forget the Grinch. I know he’s mean and hairy and smelly. His hands might be cold and clammy. But I think he’s actually kind of… sweet” (Momsen 14: 73). Either it be accidental or not, Cindy Lou’s kindness had begun to rub off on the Grinch. With her witty and pragmatic plans, Cindy Lou Who became a cultural hero. She had reversed the Grinch’s negativity and changed his outlook on things, especially Christmas. Cindy helped the Grinch discover that “maybe Christmas… doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more” (Momsen 17: 84). At the same time, Cindy Lou helped the Whos recapture the true meaning of Christmas and realize that the materialistic things are not as important as the memories and the family and friends you share those memories with. Cindy Lou changed the Grinch’s views of the Whos and the Whos’ views of the Grinch. Overall, she had transformed the Grinch, and “what happened then… well, in Whoville they say, that the Grinch’s small heart… grew three sizes that day” (Momsen 17: 85). Cindy Lou brought back the vivacity and happiness to Whoville. Whether intentional or not, the most seemingly innocent person (or Who in this case) can turn out to be an all-deceiving and conniving character. However, those deceptive qualities can be used with good intentions, as Cindy Lou Who displayed. The trickster is simultaneously the creator and the destroyer, which is very well reflected in Cindy Lou’s character as she creates a new outlook on life for the Grinch and the rest of Whoville, while destroying their old perspective. Violent tactics were not necessary to bring about this renewal either; just a little charisma. The trickster acts as a catalyst for change, and without change how can we improve ourselves not only as individuals, but as humanity as a whole? I need help editing it and adding/ taking out anything, feel free to make any suggestions! I need help editing it and adding/ taking out anything, feel free to make any suggestions!