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What are some good Christmas decorating tips for decorating my room?

Ok I have a mini christmas tree. I think I should put it in my room. What are some good Christmas decorating ideas? I'm 13 And my room is pink and purple if that helps Thanks BTW Don't say the Idea might be expensive or I might have a tight budget because I have A LOT of money saved up CHRISTMAS IDEAS ONLY PLEASE!!


  1. get a nativity for ur dresser or something.
  2. These are a few of the things I have in my room: a 4 ft Christmas tree with ornaments and lights a clock that plays a Christmas song every hour on the hour a Christmas blanket that I put on my bed a nativity scene on my dresser a small Christmas tree statue on my desk a mitten and Santa hanger to hang on my doorknobs (my bedroom doorknob and bathroom doorknob) Hope this helps!
  3. Lights, white would probably be best so that colors dont clash
  4. Get snow spray. It is brilliant, you just spray a bit in the corner of the window and it makes it look really snowy and Christmassy. Or you could get (or make if you want) stencils of snowflakes or anything Christmassy and spray it over one of those on the window. Put tinsel over any TVs/mirrors/drawers/cupboards and string it across the room. You can get little ornaments to put around as well. Hope this helped and thanks for posting these Christmas questions, they are really fun to answer. xxx
  5. HAHA YES. So i decided that you should cover ur room (or table) with cotton. White fluffy cotton. Cut out paper snowflakes, hang them on the ceiling using tape. cut cups, then tape them together like a cone shape. Then decorate them with glitter and gems. Place them were u want them to be placed. Angels and stars. I will recommend buying big gold stars or making them urself and pasting them on the wall. Then decorating the wall with tinsel, and Cut out or buy stickers, with the words HAPPY CHRISTMAS! Make your own ornaments and put them everywheree.