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christmas decorations?

Does anyone have them up yet?? There is about 8 houses near me with them up and im dying to put them up... but i think its a little early. I have hung my advent calenders up though.. Thanks


  1. Id say the first weekend in december is the appropriate time.
  2. Not yet, put them on the 16th Dec
  3. Get them up girl its never too early
  4. I'm gonna hang mine this weekend...but my friend she had already the other day.
  5. No way too early for me....12 days before!
  6. We put our up last Sunday, 11/26 and we were the LAST house to have them up in our neighborhood. The other 4 houses had us feeling like "scrooge" for being so late with our decorations. LOL
  7. I've seen a few, it's bad enough seeing them in the shops in October. I love Christmas but I find decorations dust collectors. Mine go up 12 days before Christmas and come down 12 days after.
  8. Amazingly several homes around us have the decorations up and Christmas trees up and lit. Way to early for me. If I put them up this early I would be taking them down Christmas day. We put up around December 15 and take them down New Years day.
  9. the official date is the 8th of december. i have pub and ive had to put them up for xmas partys but other than than its way too early
  10. Not yet no. Bit early. Still only November! There should only be 12 days in Christmas.
  11. The only problem with putting your christmas decorations up now is when they come down ur home will feel empty and bare.
  12. I have put up my decor last weekend!! It's a tradition in my family that we put up all of the stuff the weekend after thanksgiving.
  13. The weekend after thanksgiving is when we put them up. Although some people had them up after halloween
  14. PUT THEM UP!!!!!! I always put them up just before our Santa Clause Parade which is early to mid November. I figure if Santa has been here to visit in a parade then heck...I can decorate. Get at it and enjoy! LOL
  15. My street has started to fill up with them, go on put yours up, its less then a month to go anyway!
  16. I dont have mine up yet, think i'll wait another week! Loads of houses near me already have theirs up and some are way over the top.
  17. Bad luck to put them up before twelve days to Christmas day.
  18. We'll be getting the tree on the weekend of the 16th December. Any earlier, and the tree will be dead and dropping needles before the New Year. Don't put them up too early - after all, it's still November! And there's no-one around us who has theirs up yet, bar the shops...
  19. Its far to early, 12 days before xmas is early enough for me.
  20. Do it. Dont worry about what other people think its wot you think that matters.
  21. If you don't want to look like too much of a Chav you could always wait until this weekend because at least it will be Dec then which sounds better than November. They look sooo pretty though and I can't wait to put mine up too, this weekend.
  22. Hey don't worry you put them up when you feel like it. What's better than to come home from work when it is cold and dark,to the lights of your christmas tree, imagine this, you open the door and you quickly plug them on, then you make youself a lovely cuppa, then you sit looking at you tree with all those lovely lights and you are all warm,doesn't it just make you feel good. My daughter puts her's up for her Birthday and thats on the 16 nov.
  23. Not put mine up yet, but i will be putting them up very soon, I love Christmas.